Story -weekly photo challenge – The legend of a demon snake 

FALLS WITH A STORY- Daiñthlen falls




About 2 km away from Cherrapunjee, northeast of India, deviates a road and 5 km from which is the daiñthlen falls. The enchant of this falls increases by the presence of abundant number of natural potholes, big,small and scary which scream of its volcanic past. The turbulence and water tumbling down from a height is quite a sight to observe. . .


There is a spine chilling legend associated with the name of this fall. According to locals, there was a huge demon python by the name of Thlen who ate people coming in odd numbers in a group. Some brave men caught the animal and destroyed its hood with a huge stone near this fall and threw it’s body at the bottom of the fall. Some of the marks present on the stones are still reminiscent of the violent struggle that the demon encountered. It is said that the people had a great feast with the body. One woman brought home a piece of meat for her son, but she forgot to give it to him for days and later the thlen got revived. .



Whether the story bears any truth only the people present at that time can say. But the whole landscape was beautiful. Can’t deny the creepiness too as it was uninhabited and deserted with very few people at sight. The volcanic potholes add to it.  And I won’t deny about the escape plan that I hatched mentally if by any means the Thlen appears right infront of me. Lol😂


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